Crimson Throne

Two Girls down by the Pier

-  Wandering a market we suddenly get an illusionary card that invites us to come to a person's home and speaks of vengeance against Gaedrun
- Gather information: The address belongs to Zelara the Seer
- At the assigned time we goto the place and no one is there.
- Zelara shows up (Onyx sees that the shop's interior and Zelara are illusions)
- She offers to do a reading for us
- Kneel and Seluri choose the same card, it has crows on it. 
-  Cards: Past
    - Breaking of enslavement
    - Something from the far bast will affect our present
    - Your past if willed with helplessness and entropy
    - Trials and tribulations hiddens powers will be revealed
    - A physical danger is awakening soon
    - Betrayal is in the air, of the nasty sort

    - There is a driving force that will push us to greatness
    - As long as you work together you will be in harmony
    - Future Friends may not be what they seem
- We each have two Harrow points that we can use
- We can roll a Dex modified roll with one point, or a +1 to ac for the encounter, or add +10' to movement for the encounter, 
- She tells us where Gaedrun's location in an abandoned warehouse and that there are many kids that serve him. 
- Onyx climbs the roof and scopes the place out
- Building has water, street and attic level
- Seluri charms Jargen one of the thugs, Hookshank and Giggles, 
- Jargen brings us into the place for a tour
- There is a dog that notices Onyx's scent but cannot pinpoint it. 
- Says he works for an influential gentleman but did not say his name. 
- Several kids working there. 
- Large fish in the water named Jigsaw (shark?)
- There is a hole near the lower pier that goes into the water. 



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