Crimson Throne

The Rise of Blackjack!


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- The woman's name we rescued is Tiora

- We need to get Cabbage Head out of the city.

- We get Seluri cured of blindness.

- We try to get Cabbage head to describe the necromancer. Human necro named Rolth

- Go back to Zalora's and catch up.

- Seluri takes Trinia out for drinks and food with the hat.

- Zalora tells us about Neolandis the seneschal for the queen.

- The dagger learns Tiora is actually a pick pocket and not a noble as she portrays.

- Seluri and Trinia: Seluri gets a note from the spider king saying he knows we fooled him and he wants to make it even by having her do a job for him with her unique skills.

- Return to Zolara' she says Trinia is not guilty.

- Kneel is going to get the Marshal and a Truth Teller

- Seluri and Onyx are going to escort Trinia we will all meet back at Kneel's house in the servants area.

- The truth teller determines she is innocent. Marshal Cressida wants to put her in the citadel under guard

- We mundanely disguise Trinia as a male thief and stash her in a cell with one of the cards.

- As we leave to go to the Spider King we hear screaming and see carts

- An Otyugh is loose in the street

- Kneel fascinates it and calms the creature then through the dagger learns that something under the city in the sewers drive the creature to the surface.

- Kneel gets the creature to hide in an alleyway while we investigate the sewers

- Onyx scouts ahead and discovered a trap that went off and caused the creature to go crazy,

- A griffon rider lands and enspells the creature and leads it off.

- We go the spider king's place. He wants Seluri to convince a magistrate to release a ship from the port.

- Magistrate Garrik Tan

- We go down to the docs to check out the ship

- It has a shipment of Shiver

- Seluri disguised as the ship's captain speaks with the magistrate who knows that the seneschal is missing and there is an court order to kill him.

- He agrees to have this ship as the first out when the travel ban is lifted.

- Went back to Cressida and told her about the seneschal

- Tiora comes to the citadel and gives us a wand to pay us for saving her. We ask for her to keep an ear open and us in mind on any paying jobs legal or otherwise.

- The citadel alarm goes off and we're summoned to Cressida's office

- Trinia is kidnapped by two magic users after her guards are knocked out

- Seluri pulls out the harrow deck and Zolara says she's in a cell in a dungeon, surround by people with white robes red shoulder sashes and white hoods others with sashes and red hoods

- Cressida does not know who these people are.

- Seluri goes gather info and looks for the pesudo dragon Majenco

- Kneel goes to the Wizard College to ask about the the robed figures accompanied by Onyx

- The Wizards don't seem to know

- Seluri finds a bum that knows the as the Red Mantis Assassins

- We meet and tell Cressida then learn the king's assassin has been found and will be executed in two hours

- The plan is to obtain dim door her out with a scroll used by Onyx

- The shops are closed but we break in and Onyx goes in and finds scrolls but cannot obtain one setting off several arcane locks and a displacer beast.

- We try waiting for the owner but he does not show

- We go to the square.

- The plan is now to have an astral construct grab her and fly her into the crowd where Seluri and Kneel are waiting with the hat of disguise.

- Seluri summons the construct, and it grabs Trina, Onyx glitterdusted the executioner, but he keeps a hold of Trina, Kneel greases him and he drops her.

- A character suddenly appears dressed in black and dispatches the construct, cuts her bindings and gives her something.

-  The wizards move to attack him (Blackjack) Kneel casts silence on one and the second summoned construct tackles the other wizard.

- Blackjack bursts a smoke bomb and Onyx observes them them invisible and ducking down through a manhole cover under the stage.

- Onyx loses them in the sewers

- Next satuday 9/9/17 2:30pm



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