Crimson Throne

The death of the King and the Queen has a Proposition

-Trying to sneak into the bottom level and Kneel falls into the water then gets bit by the gator
- Gaedrun shows up
- Seluri charms him and he shoots the gator saying bad dog
- Together they rescue Kneel from the water. 
- Seluri chats him up and asks about a real harrow deck
- He says he recently has one and as he walked away to get it Kneel and Seluri shoot him in the back killing him.
- We coup de grace him and clean out the place. Find a ring of keys for the place.
- As Onyx and Kneel search the room and find all items Seluri chops up the body and tosses it into the water. 
- The most expensive item we find is a 1000gp broach with a symbol of the city with intertwined Pseudo Dragon and Imp
- We find a hatbox with Zelara's head inside and her harrow deck under it. 
- Seluri and Kneel try to climb over the roof but it caved in. We drop down into the level below
- Hookshank (gnome) comes out to investigate the noise when Giggles (halforc) comes out as well. 
- Seluri charms him and convinces him that Hookshank is trying to kill him. 
- Jargen comes out and Seluri bluffs that Hookshank is trying to kill Giggles
- We start shooting Hookshank 
- Kneel bring him to 0
- Seluri charms Jargen, saying Giggles and Hookshank are fighting over who will take your money
- Seluri and Kneel take out Giggles and Hookshank then convince Jargen that Gaedrun left and told those two to kill him but they got into a fight deciding who will get his loot. 
- Seluri convinces Jargen to leave this place and start over because the guard is probably coming. 
- Onyx follows Jargen and steals a magic wand from him. 
- The kids given a chance to leave do so. 
- Jargen leaves and takes the dog with him. 
- We go back to Zolara's house after cleaning out the place. 
- Church bells begin to ring and the king has died. 
- People start to riot
- Zolara's spirit lives in the cards and she can hear and see anything within 60' of a card. Making her the perfect evesdropper. She is the ultimate spy. 
- Once per day she can manifest, 3/day she can identify, cards cannot be destroyed, lost or torn return to the deck whole. She can also do a harrrow reading at the beginning of each book. 
- As the city riots we stay in the shoppe till the morning.
- We make our way through the city to find merchants. 
- We sold off the stuff and went to a bar to find out about the ring and the broach. 
- In the bar Kneel sings and dances about the ring and we see a woman who might be a lead. 
- We find Emmah's daughter Emmah gave her the ring back and recruited her as a contact.
- We find another merchant to ask about the broach, he says it is the missing broach of the queen and we can go to the castle for a reward. 
- "Mistress Sabina might like us", according to the guard at the castle (She's the head of the queen's royal guard)
- We return the broach to the queen Illeosa and she says that if we want to continue doing good for the city she will have Mistress Sabina escort us to the Citadel Volshyenek where we will meet Field Marshal Cresseda Croft. (The citadel is the base of operations for the guard)
- Queen gives us a silver coffer as she leaves. 
- The Marshal recruits us to find Guard Varik who has gone rogue with a small group and is talking trash about the queen. 
- She does not want him killed but to come back to the fold. They are in Northgate in a butcher shop. 
- She has 1000 gold for us when we bring him back. 
- We can stay at the barracks or stay at the 3 ring tavern on credit. 



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