Crimson Throne

One Tough assed Derro


- We get back to the citadel and find group of 8 Shoanti out front.

- One of their warriors was injured in a fight north town.

- Grandson was murdered and body was given to a Necromancer named Rolth and taken below the graveyard to the catacombs

- We begins searching the different catacombs after the priests gives us access.

- Found footprints of Derro and a trap door downwards

- Onyx is scouting ahead and sees skeletons

- Onyx returns and tells us the layout

- We run past the skeletons and to the Derro, the Derro unleases two stirges

- Seluri charms the Derro, Kneel fascinates the stirges as one latches onto her.

- Then two more Derro show up, Seluri charms one and the other is not charmed.

- The non charmed one goes off to tell the boss while the charmed one leads us the that way.

- Seluri stalls and summons an astral construct

- Then the large Ogrekin came to investigate the sounds and is charmed

- Seluri bluffs that the Derro has betrayed us and is waiting to attack in the next room.

- Construct is attacked by the Derro and wizard was it enters the room

- Seluri tries mind thrust twice and wizard saves

- Wizard blinds Seluri

- Kneel performing but cannot hit the wizard with a bow

- Wizard has high AC and we can't hit him.

- Seluri withdraws around corner and loads crossbow while Onyx shoots it

- Eventually, in the last moments Kneel fascinates the Wizard, and Onyx coup-de-graces him with Seluri's crossbow ending the encounter.

- We search the rooms we have access to to find the body parts.

- There's a construct that's in the same room with the missing arm (presumably)

- Kneel and Cabbage head open the door while Onyx slips in and finds the arm being held by the creature who is now at the door trying to get out.

- Kneel greases the creature and it drops the arm and it is retrieved by Onyx.

- Now six skeletons bar the way but they do not attack Cabbage Head so we use the hat of disguise to get all of the hostages through to the surface.

- Level 4. Recued lady say she will pay us.

- Need to unblind Seluri



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