Crimson Throne

Just a Touch of Plague

- We escape the execution and Kneel gather's info on Blackjack
- Seluri goes to the square where the execution was and interviews people
- Kneel goes to the temple of Irori goddess of knowledge
- Seluri spoke briefly to the Marshal but she was too busy to go into detail. 
- Kneel remembered the swordsman that stole Grau's girlfriend. 
- Onyx is going to investige VanCarlo Orasini
- Seluri gets directions from the waitress in the tavern to Vancarlo Orasini in Old Korvosa on HillCrest St
- Seluri and Kneel speak to Vancarlo
- Onyx takes the dagger to scan for Trinia's mind, while searching the villa Trinia and the Blackjack outfit. 
- Kneel listens to Vancarlo speak but he does not sound like Blackjack
- Seluri bows out and leaves. After 15 minutes she summons an astral construct and sends it after VanCarlo
- Seluri tells the dagger to relate this info to Kneel and that she'll meet them both back at the Citadel.
- On the way back to the Citadel Kneel sees Tiora and speaks with her and they go to a bar. 
- We all eventually end up at Zolara's to summon her. 
- Zolara confirms that Blackjack brought Trinia to VanCarlo. She did not see VanCarlo and Blackjack in the same room together. 
- Reading 
 - Kneel: Trumpet card: A declaration of power or ability
 - Seluri: Tangled Briar: Bad things from the past returning
 - Onyx: Brass Dwarf: Survive a challenge 
- There are other threats to life and limb coming soon. Both personal and non personal danger. 
- Much death in the future
- We get two points to use towards a CON based save. 
- Kneel wants to find Sgt Grou and ask about his former girlfriend Sabrina, the queen's guard. 
- Who setup the execution stage so that it was over a sewer grate?
- Back to VanCarlo's and Onyx tries to find the painting and the hidden room containing Trinia
- Using Zolara's directions Onyx is unable to find the entrance past the painting. He places a card behind the painting to keep watch. 
- We learn that the boats were freed from the harbor. .
- News the next day that a boat has sunk
- A ship marked quarantine has been sunk in the harbor 
- We go tell the harbor master why the ships are stuck in the harbor again. 
- Kneel and Seluri obtain horses and disguised as Blackjack and Trinia ride out of town 
- Later we hear rumors that the Sable company has left to pursue them. 
- The next day we speak to Zolara and she observed VanCarlo walk into the painting
- A guard comes and finds Sgt Grou and he rushes off. 
- Our plan is to go to VanCarlo's and wait for Zolara's signal that he entered the painting then go into his place to wait for him to come out. 
- Seluri summons a construct and flies us over into the courtyard. 
- We go down stairs and wait for him to come out. We surprise him and reveal ourselves
- We explain our trick to leading the Sable company and the sighting. 
- Apparently he sent a note to the Marshal to have us visit and smuggle Trinia out of the city. 
- He has a plan to have her stay with rancher friends in Harse but the hardest part is to get her out of the city. 
- The plan is for her to use the hat of disguise and Seluri's uniform to ride out of the gate with Seluri 
- On the way out of town the plague bum being corralled by a few guards, Seluri mind thrusts him as they ride by. 
- As we ride north through the city we see more signs of the plague taking place. 
- We see Sgt Grou on the way out and his sister in-law has the plague.
- Kneel rides ahead to speak with him while Seluri and Trinia wave and continue onward. 
- We led him 150 gp to cure her. 
- We continue traveling with Trinia on the north road for the better part of the day and tell her to keep the card and if she ever needs our help just speak to the card. 
- We return to town and pass by the temple of Abadon, there is a mob of working class being held back by clerics on the front steps
- Onyx finds a side entrance and we go and ask for Ashani the cleric but are ignored
- We visit Kneels sister but she's sick.
- We go back to the temple and charm and push our way in and pay for a healing in the morning. 
- Next Sunday 2PM



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