Crimson Throne

Four Vampires walk into this bar...

-We find a sea hag and it's buffing. 
- We buff
- Seluri Charms the seahag and befriends her
- She gives Seluri the plague box and shows her around.
- The seahag helps Seluri open the captains cabin and we find a body and wearing a plague mask
- We bring the body to Ahsani the priest
- The body has the holy symbol of the Urgathoa goddess of disease. 
- We show him the magical box
- We open the box, there is a leger, papers, a dead rat and a pouch
- Kneel gets into line to purchase the cure
- Seluri speaks with people coming out of the shop and learns that it is a cureall. 
- Vendra the herbalist is the owner of Lavender and sells the cure
- Onyx goes inside to explore and learn about the cure
- Seluri finds a shill in the crowd talking about the cure. 
- We learn the shop keeper lives in the apartments above the shop
- Seluri charms the guard and Kneel goes into the apartment
- Nothing useful found in the apartment
- We go back and Ashani confirms the cure is fake and potentially harmful
- With a warrant from Cressida we got to arrest her. 
- Kneel sings and fascinates her, 
- Seluri charms the guards and the woman
- We concince her through diplomacy to let us tie her up and take her money and magick. 
- We deposit her in jail and keep her stuff. 
- There are dead bodies and people that suddenly go missing in Old Korvosa to to the north. There are missing bodies out of the pile. 
- After questioning the North Guard and talking to Tiora we find a vampire next of 4 vampires. 
- We attack the vampires but we're unable to defeat them and went back to Cressida
- We get a writ from her to have the chruch of Pharasma deal with them
- We get the church to deal with them and go back to find the nest empty and a entrance to the sewers
- We find the key to a tomb and open it up to find a few magic items. 
- Game next satuday



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