Crimson Throne

At last a Cure

- We speak with the Nosferatu
- Learn that he's researching the immunity to Blood Veil. 
- The Nosferatu says the other vamps we met are his bearers and that if we tell him where they are he will take them with you. 
- Romosqua is his name. 
- He asks that we help transport his things to the border or arrange transportation. 
- He shared his notes on the plague and we gave to Ashani who says he can have a cure in a week. 
- Seluri wakes after a dream of more people
- We question the dagger about his powers and it admits to remote sensing in addition to it's teleportation to it's master
- We go shopping for gear
- The queen executes a look alike to the Doctor
- We go back down with the Pharasamans to clean up the place.
- They get rid of the undead and eventually we come to the demon
- The priest ties to dismiss it several times but fails and the frees the creature
- Kneel and Bear fail for saves vs nausea
- Seluri charms it, and begins convincing it to attack the queen.
- Seluri summons a construct and flies Kneel, Bear and herself outside 
- It breaks free and fights the Pharasamans until the lead priest banishes it
- After the nausea we return to the dungeon to continue the clean up. 
- We tell the priest that the area (containing the Romosqua) is off limits
- The area is cleared out
- We go back and speak with Ashani to find that he has a working inoculation but needs a few more blood samples from those immune to perfect a cure
- We continue our search for the vampires in Old Korvosa
- We use a construct to fly over to the island bypassing the guarded bridge
- We speak with the Spider King and tell him about the immunity and looking for blood samples. 
- He (is not immune) agrees to let us check out the town and his guards looking for those immune. 
- Kneel finds Tiora and gives her a cure disease potion.
- Next game November 5 



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