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Two Girls down by the Pier

-  Wandering a market we suddenly get an illusionary card that invites us to come to a person's home and speaks of vengeance against Gaedrun
- Gather information: The address belongs to Zelara the Seer
- At the assigned time we goto the place and no one is there.
- Zelara shows up (Onyx sees that the shop's interior and Zelara are illusions)
- She offers to do a reading for us
- Kneel and Seluri choose the same card, it has crows on it. 
-  Cards: Past
    - Breaking of enslavement
    - Something from the far bast will affect our present
    - Your past if willed with helplessness and entropy
    - Trials and tribulations hiddens powers will be revealed
    - A physical danger is awakening soon
    - Betrayal is in the air, of the nasty sort

    - There is a driving force that will push us to greatness
    - As long as you work together you will be in harmony
    - Future Friends may not be what they seem
- We each have two Harrow points that we can use
- We can roll a Dex modified roll with one point, or a +1 to ac for the encounter, or add +10' to movement for the encounter, 
- She tells us where Gaedrun's location in an abandoned warehouse and that there are many kids that serve him. 
- Onyx climbs the roof and scopes the place out
- Building has water, street and attic level
- Seluri charms Jargen one of the thugs, Hookshank and Giggles, 
- Jargen brings us into the place for a tour
- There is a dog that notices Onyx's scent but cannot pinpoint it. 
- Says he works for an influential gentleman but did not say his name. 
- Several kids working there. 
- Large fish in the water named Jigsaw (shark?)
- There is a hole near the lower pier that goes into the water. 

The death of the King and the Queen has a Proposition

-Trying to sneak into the bottom level and Kneel falls into the water then gets bit by the gator
- Gaedrun shows up
- Seluri charms him and he shoots the gator saying bad dog
- Together they rescue Kneel from the water. 
- Seluri chats him up and asks about a real harrow deck
- He says he recently has one and as he walked away to get it Kneel and Seluri shoot him in the back killing him.
- We coup de grace him and clean out the place. Find a ring of keys for the place.
- As Onyx and Kneel search the room and find all items Seluri chops up the body and tosses it into the water. 
- The most expensive item we find is a 1000gp broach with a symbol of the city with intertwined Pseudo Dragon and Imp
- We find a hatbox with Zelara's head inside and her harrow deck under it. 
- Seluri and Kneel try to climb over the roof but it caved in. We drop down into the level below
- Hookshank (gnome) comes out to investigate the noise when Giggles (halforc) comes out as well. 
- Seluri charms him and convinces him that Hookshank is trying to kill him. 
- Jargen comes out and Seluri bluffs that Hookshank is trying to kill Giggles
- We start shooting Hookshank 
- Kneel bring him to 0
- Seluri charms Jargen, saying Giggles and Hookshank are fighting over who will take your money
- Seluri and Kneel take out Giggles and Hookshank then convince Jargen that Gaedrun left and told those two to kill him but they got into a fight deciding who will get his loot. 
- Seluri convinces Jargen to leave this place and start over because the guard is probably coming. 
- Onyx follows Jargen and steals a magic wand from him. 
- The kids given a chance to leave do so. 
- Jargen leaves and takes the dog with him. 
- We go back to Zolara's house after cleaning out the place. 
- Church bells begin to ring and the king has died. 
- People start to riot
- Zolara's spirit lives in the cards and she can hear and see anything within 60' of a card. Making her the perfect evesdropper. She is the ultimate spy. 
- Once per day she can manifest, 3/day she can identify, cards cannot be destroyed, lost or torn return to the deck whole. She can also do a harrrow reading at the beginning of each book. 
- As the city riots we stay in the shoppe till the morning.
- We make our way through the city to find merchants. 
- We sold off the stuff and went to a bar to find out about the ring and the broach. 
- In the bar Kneel sings and dances about the ring and we see a woman who might be a lead. 
- We find Emmah's daughter Emmah gave her the ring back and recruited her as a contact.
- We find another merchant to ask about the broach, he says it is the missing broach of the queen and we can go to the castle for a reward. 
- "Mistress Sabina might like us", according to the guard at the castle (She's the head of the queen's royal guard)
- We return the broach to the queen Illeosa and she says that if we want to continue doing good for the city she will have Mistress Sabina escort us to the Citadel Volshyenek where we will meet Field Marshal Cresseda Croft. (The citadel is the base of operations for the guard)
- Queen gives us a silver coffer as she leaves. 
- The Marshal recruits us to find Guard Varik who has gone rogue with a small group and is talking trash about the queen. 
- She does not want him killed but to come back to the fold. They are in Northgate in a butcher shop. 
- She has 1000 gold for us when we bring him back. 
- We can stay at the barracks or stay at the 3 ring tavern on credit. 

Cannibals, Chelaxians and Kings oh my!

-We are outside the meat market "All the world's meat"
- Seluri and Kneel are in line for the "free meat" while Onyx is searching inside. 
- Onyx finds Varik in the office. 
- The guard unconvinced that Seluri wants to speak with Varik goes inside and lock and bars the door
- Onyx pounds in a piton into the window by Varik when he looks down to investigate Seluri charms him
- Just before he comes down to open the door he asked "is this about her" also he turns and speaks towards the dagger and says, "I've got to go check on this" 
- Seluri speaks with him trying to convince him to come back as the  guard and the city need him. He seemed reluctant and unwilling to return. 
- A guard comes and says he must come at once. When he leaves the room Onyx tells Seluri about the dagger. Seluri touches the dagger and it touched her mind. She throws it out the window and Onyx goes to find the dagger. 
- Seluri hides one of the cards in the room. 
- The guards come back and insist that we leave. 
- We leave and take the dagger with us.  
- We speak with Zolara but she cannot identify the dagger. 
- We return to Marshal Creseda and update her. When Kneel tries to tell her about the dagger he finds he cannot speak. 
- As we leave the bar owner is complaining about a drunk guardsman ( Sgt Growl)  in his bar that won't leave. 
- Kneel talks to him and he eventually says that Sabrina is doing a good job of guarding the queen. 
- He mentions an Orasini, and that Sabrina gave him a run for his money. The only one we know Vancarlo Orasini the sword master
- We go back to the citadel and ask about Orasini and Sabrina. The two guards we asked have heard of him but not her. 
- Went to speak to the farmer that supplies the meat. 
- He gets a random order from a runner, two orders so far. 
- The coins he receives are normal. 
-Kneel tortures the dagger into speaking. 
- The dagger's name is Rocta
-We questioned the dagger but it seems only to be intelligent but not in control of the guards. He does say they recently started acting differently. 
-We return the the butcher shop and there are two suspicious people coming towards the building and Onyx over hears them saying "We're here about the night's special cuts"
- The pair pay the guardsman 50 gp after giving them a name. 
- The guard says we have another neck cut Boldrago
- Onyx discovers the butchery room and suspect that the meat they give away also includes people. 
- Kneel and Seluri follow the pair back to their home. Seems they were dressing down as the home is upscale. 
- Onyx updates us that the four guards were operating an assassin group and are leaving to do the job
- Onyx leaves the dagger by Varik's door and convinces him to come down. We recruit him to help stop the assassination.
- The group ambush us and we defeat three and one runs off. We stay with the three while Onyx follows the one into a bar where he tries to act normal. 
- Varick comes back and we bring the surviving guards back to Marshal Cressida
- Cressida wants us to go back and find proof in the butcher shop. 
- Seluri and Kneel go back and search the slaughter room and find a sewer pit and after some searching find a part of a human face and skull
- We continue to search the building and find a stash of treasure under the pig area. 
- Onyx continues to follow the guard into a the harbor where he enters an area called Eels End and speaks with a man there to find new employment. 
- Cressida says that they don't patrol that area and to let him go. 
- Next day Marshal Cressida invites us to her office and we meet Vancarlo Orasini 
- Ambassador Darvain does not like Korvosa and wants to undermine the city so he can buy land cheaply. 
- Barvasi runs the Eels End also known as the King of Spiders
- Ambassador Darvain likes to frequent the End. 
- He wants us to go to the End and speak with Barvasi to find out 
- Kneel and Seluri purchase hats of disguise after selling of the treasure. 
- The Orasini escorts us to Eels end. 
- Once inside we split and Onyx goes to find Barvasi and check out his ship while Kneel and Seluri go search for signs of the ambassador. 
- We meet up with Onyx an hour later after not finding out any useful info. 
- Onyx discovers the guard we fought yesterday working on the ship. 
- We pay for entrance to speak with Barvasi
- We ask him if he has information on the Ambassador
- He challenges us to entertain him by playing a game of knivsies, where we are tied to another player while standing on a table to grab coins or the dagger. 
- Onyx puts a coin in Kneel's purse and ends the game with Kneel winning. 
- Seluri charms the other player into letting her win and splitting the winnings. 
- Barvasi gives us the information. He stole love letters from a woman the ambassador should not be involved with and selling them back to him for a profit. 
- We learn the pseudo dragon in the bird cage is mostly a slave for him. 
- The dragon's name is Majenco and we free him 
- We report back to Marshal Cressida
- As we leave we run into Stg Growl and he thanks us for our help
- 3rd Level 

The Queen names the assassin

-We go to speak with the Marshal Cressida and she gave us a day off. 
- We go and clean up Madame Zolara's place
- Zolara tells us about the conversation she overheard when the card was in the office at the butcher's. 
- Varik the guard was saying, "She's going to be pissed at me for losing it."
- We're walking around the docks and see several people harassing a noble
- Kneel fascinates the main two and Seluri walks the noble around the corner. 
- As soon as sight line is broken Seluri puts the hat of disguise on the noble and makes him think of being dressed like a dock worker. 
- This confuses the idiots and they go off looking for the now hidden noble
- The young noble's name is Alman Gelento from the south end. He invites us to his family's villa down in the south end. He gives Seluri 5 platinum pieces 
- On the way back we see some of the guards in front of a bar. 
- Seluri disguises herself as a sailor and goes inside and learns the ship is being held by the magistrate for taxes? And their captain kicked them off the ship. 
- We learn from the harbor master that none of the ships are allowed to leave by the magistrate. 
- The clerk knows about what happened that the ships are being held because the king may have been poisoned and they don't want the assassin to get away. 
-Going to speak with Marshal Cressida and learn about the assassin. 
- She knew nothing about it and is going to write a letter to the queen's sensashal. 
- Back outside we notice a tough guy give something to the guard. 
- Seems the guard was selling info to the guy. 
- Seluri charms the guard and find out the guy was asking about us and where he works. 
- Onyx follows the tough guy and learns where he works. 
- The guard, Kneel and Seluri go back to the bar where Kneel inspires the guards and they arrest the drunks. 
- As we leave we're attacked by imps disguised as ravens. The imp gave me his second favorite stone (a topaz)
- Paid to have Kneel cured of disease
- There's a rumor that a guard who died after letting a commoner into the castle to kill the king. 
- We learned from Cressida that it was one of the castle guards not any city guard that died though it is not confirmed. 
- We need to speak with Mistress Sabina
- Marshal Cressida comes to see us in the morning the Queen made an announcement that the commoner was named Treena an artist who was painting the king. 
- We are tasked to go the Shingles and find her and hide her. Trinia Sabor 42 Moon Street
- I charm a bum for the location
- Onyx climbs through the window – but he lied. 
- A crowd out front is beginning to build a fire
- They drag out a woman, who is not Trinia, the dagger confirms it is not her
- Seluri disguises herself as Trinia and runs out of the building and draws off the crowd. 
- Onyx finds Trinia's studio and spies her casting spells
- An only woman tells Trinia that the crowd is gone and she jumps out the window and starts running along the rooftops. 
- Onyx follows her to the end of her run but it is very complex, why does an artist have such an elaborate escape route?
- After talking her down and convincing her Seluri gives her the hat of disguise and she changes into a Man and escorts Seluri out of the Shingles and into Zolara's place. 
- She tells us her story that she was randomly commissioned and does not know why she was targeted. 
- Two weeks Saturday

One Tough assed Derro


- We get back to the citadel and find group of 8 Shoanti out front.

- One of their warriors was injured in a fight north town.

- Grandson was murdered and body was given to a Necromancer named Rolth and taken below the graveyard to the catacombs

- We begins searching the different catacombs after the priests gives us access.

- Found footprints of Derro and a trap door downwards

- Onyx is scouting ahead and sees skeletons

- Onyx returns and tells us the layout

- We run past the skeletons and to the Derro, the Derro unleases two stirges

- Seluri charms the Derro, Kneel fascinates the stirges as one latches onto her.

- Then two more Derro show up, Seluri charms one and the other is not charmed.

- The non charmed one goes off to tell the boss while the charmed one leads us the that way.

- Seluri stalls and summons an astral construct

- Then the large Ogrekin came to investigate the sounds and is charmed

- Seluri bluffs that the Derro has betrayed us and is waiting to attack in the next room.

- Construct is attacked by the Derro and wizard was it enters the room

- Seluri tries mind thrust twice and wizard saves

- Wizard blinds Seluri

- Kneel performing but cannot hit the wizard with a bow

- Wizard has high AC and we can't hit him.

- Seluri withdraws around corner and loads crossbow while Onyx shoots it

- Eventually, in the last moments Kneel fascinates the Wizard, and Onyx coup-de-graces him with Seluri's crossbow ending the encounter.

- We search the rooms we have access to to find the body parts.

- There's a construct that's in the same room with the missing arm (presumably)

- Kneel and Cabbage head open the door while Onyx slips in and finds the arm being held by the creature who is now at the door trying to get out.

- Kneel greases the creature and it drops the arm and it is retrieved by Onyx.

- Now six skeletons bar the way but they do not attack Cabbage Head so we use the hat of disguise to get all of the hostages through to the surface.

- Level 4. Recued lady say she will pay us.

- Need to unblind Seluri

The Rise of Blackjack!


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- The woman's name we rescued is Tiora

- We need to get Cabbage Head out of the city.

- We get Seluri cured of blindness.

- We try to get Cabbage head to describe the necromancer. Human necro named Rolth

- Go back to Zalora's and catch up.

- Seluri takes Trinia out for drinks and food with the hat.

- Zalora tells us about Neolandis the seneschal for the queen.

- The dagger learns Tiora is actually a pick pocket and not a noble as she portrays.

- Seluri and Trinia: Seluri gets a note from the spider king saying he knows we fooled him and he wants to make it even by having her do a job for him with her unique skills.

- Return to Zolara' she says Trinia is not guilty.

- Kneel is going to get the Marshal and a Truth Teller

- Seluri and Onyx are going to escort Trinia we will all meet back at Kneel's house in the servants area.

- The truth teller determines she is innocent. Marshal Cressida wants to put her in the citadel under guard

- We mundanely disguise Trinia as a male thief and stash her in a cell with one of the cards.

- As we leave to go to the Spider King we hear screaming and see carts

- An Otyugh is loose in the street

- Kneel fascinates it and calms the creature then through the dagger learns that something under the city in the sewers drive the creature to the surface.

- Kneel gets the creature to hide in an alleyway while we investigate the sewers

- Onyx scouts ahead and discovered a trap that went off and caused the creature to go crazy,

- A griffon rider lands and enspells the creature and leads it off.

- We go the spider king's place. He wants Seluri to convince a magistrate to release a ship from the port.

- Magistrate Garrik Tan

- We go down to the docs to check out the ship

- It has a shipment of Shiver

- Seluri disguised as the ship's captain speaks with the magistrate who knows that the seneschal is missing and there is an court order to kill him.

- He agrees to have this ship as the first out when the travel ban is lifted.

- Went back to Cressida and told her about the seneschal

- Tiora comes to the citadel and gives us a wand to pay us for saving her. We ask for her to keep an ear open and us in mind on any paying jobs legal or otherwise.

- The citadel alarm goes off and we're summoned to Cressida's office

- Trinia is kidnapped by two magic users after her guards are knocked out

- Seluri pulls out the harrow deck and Zolara says she's in a cell in a dungeon, surround by people with white robes red shoulder sashes and white hoods others with sashes and red hoods

- Cressida does not know who these people are.

- Seluri goes gather info and looks for the pesudo dragon Majenco

- Kneel goes to the Wizard College to ask about the the robed figures accompanied by Onyx

- The Wizards don't seem to know

- Seluri finds a bum that knows the as the Red Mantis Assassins

- We meet and tell Cressida then learn the king's assassin has been found and will be executed in two hours

- The plan is to obtain dim door her out with a scroll used by Onyx

- The shops are closed but we break in and Onyx goes in and finds scrolls but cannot obtain one setting off several arcane locks and a displacer beast.

- We try waiting for the owner but he does not show

- We go to the square.

- The plan is now to have an astral construct grab her and fly her into the crowd where Seluri and Kneel are waiting with the hat of disguise.

- Seluri summons the construct, and it grabs Trina, Onyx glitterdusted the executioner, but he keeps a hold of Trina, Kneel greases him and he drops her.

- A character suddenly appears dressed in black and dispatches the construct, cuts her bindings and gives her something.

-  The wizards move to attack him (Blackjack) Kneel casts silence on one and the second summoned construct tackles the other wizard.

- Blackjack bursts a smoke bomb and Onyx observes them them invisible and ducking down through a manhole cover under the stage.

- Onyx loses them in the sewers

- Next satuday 9/9/17 2:30pm

Just a Touch of Plague

- We escape the execution and Kneel gather's info on Blackjack
- Seluri goes to the square where the execution was and interviews people
- Kneel goes to the temple of Irori goddess of knowledge
- Seluri spoke briefly to the Marshal but she was too busy to go into detail. 
- Kneel remembered the swordsman that stole Grau's girlfriend. 
- Onyx is going to investige VanCarlo Orasini
- Seluri gets directions from the waitress in the tavern to Vancarlo Orasini in Old Korvosa on HillCrest St
- Seluri and Kneel speak to Vancarlo
- Onyx takes the dagger to scan for Trinia's mind, while searching the villa Trinia and the Blackjack outfit. 
- Kneel listens to Vancarlo speak but he does not sound like Blackjack
- Seluri bows out and leaves. After 15 minutes she summons an astral construct and sends it after VanCarlo
- Seluri tells the dagger to relate this info to Kneel and that she'll meet them both back at the Citadel.
- On the way back to the Citadel Kneel sees Tiora and speaks with her and they go to a bar. 
- We all eventually end up at Zolara's to summon her. 
- Zolara confirms that Blackjack brought Trinia to VanCarlo. She did not see VanCarlo and Blackjack in the same room together. 
- Reading 
 - Kneel: Trumpet card: A declaration of power or ability
 - Seluri: Tangled Briar: Bad things from the past returning
 - Onyx: Brass Dwarf: Survive a challenge 
- There are other threats to life and limb coming soon. Both personal and non personal danger. 
- Much death in the future
- We get two points to use towards a CON based save. 
- Kneel wants to find Sgt Grou and ask about his former girlfriend Sabrina, the queen's guard. 
- Who setup the execution stage so that it was over a sewer grate?
- Back to VanCarlo's and Onyx tries to find the painting and the hidden room containing Trinia
- Using Zolara's directions Onyx is unable to find the entrance past the painting. He places a card behind the painting to keep watch. 
- We learn that the boats were freed from the harbor. .
- News the next day that a boat has sunk
- A ship marked quarantine has been sunk in the harbor 
- We go tell the harbor master why the ships are stuck in the harbor again. 
- Kneel and Seluri obtain horses and disguised as Blackjack and Trinia ride out of town 
- Later we hear rumors that the Sable company has left to pursue them. 
- The next day we speak to Zolara and she observed VanCarlo walk into the painting
- A guard comes and finds Sgt Grou and he rushes off. 
- Our plan is to go to VanCarlo's and wait for Zolara's signal that he entered the painting then go into his place to wait for him to come out. 
- Seluri summons a construct and flies us over into the courtyard. 
- We go down stairs and wait for him to come out. We surprise him and reveal ourselves
- We explain our trick to leading the Sable company and the sighting. 
- Apparently he sent a note to the Marshal to have us visit and smuggle Trinia out of the city. 
- He has a plan to have her stay with rancher friends in Harse but the hardest part is to get her out of the city. 
- The plan is for her to use the hat of disguise and Seluri's uniform to ride out of the gate with Seluri 
- On the way out of town the plague bum being corralled by a few guards, Seluri mind thrusts him as they ride by. 
- As we ride north through the city we see more signs of the plague taking place. 
- We see Sgt Grou on the way out and his sister in-law has the plague.
- Kneel rides ahead to speak with him while Seluri and Trinia wave and continue onward. 
- We led him 150 gp to cure her. 
- We continue traveling with Trinia on the north road for the better part of the day and tell her to keep the card and if she ever needs our help just speak to the card. 
- We return to town and pass by the temple of Abadon, there is a mob of working class being held back by clerics on the front steps
- Onyx finds a side entrance and we go and ask for Ashani the cleric but are ignored
- We visit Kneels sister but she's sick.
- We go back to the temple and charm and push our way in and pay for a healing in the morning. 
- Next Sunday 2PM

The plague has new players. Are they part of the cure or the problem?

- wandering back there's a warehouse workers are setting up a hospice
- The name of the plague is called blood veil 
- Onyx is introduced to Cressida as Seluri's familiar and team member
- Cressida gives us the code word "red 47" that means he's working for Cressida
- We need to get a potion of waterbreathing so Seluri can go down and investigate the boat. 
- Seluri contracts the disease
- We go back to Kneel's home and take his sister to the temple. With a writ from Cressida the priest cure Seluri as well. 
- Ahani the priest wants to meet Cressida
- We then bring Kneel's sister to stay with their older sister. 
- Plague doctors have arrived from Cheliax hired by the queen. The queen created the Grey Maidens as part of a personal guard. 
- We return to the hospice area and a sign now reads Hospice of the Blessed Maiden
- Onyx scans the place for magic searching to see if the plague is magic based  and if the dr's and have magic
- The Masks have conjuration magic
- Seluri asks to speak with one of the doctors and charms the grey maiden guard
- Seluri tries to charm two of the drs but nothing seems to happen. They do not speak
- Seluri eventually lifts a mask of one of the drs and sees he's human and can speak but learns nothing else about them. 
- Seluri on the way out offers to meet the charmed guard for a drink after her shift. 
- Ashani wants us to find a sample of the "cure" a shop called the Lavender is selling in Old Town and will pay us 1000 gp. 
- With the dagger on the end of the rope we find the shipwreck. 
- We play next Sunday

Four Vampires walk into this bar...

-We find a sea hag and it's buffing. 
- We buff
- Seluri Charms the seahag and befriends her
- She gives Seluri the plague box and shows her around.
- The seahag helps Seluri open the captains cabin and we find a body and wearing a plague mask
- We bring the body to Ahsani the priest
- The body has the holy symbol of the Urgathoa goddess of disease. 
- We show him the magical box
- We open the box, there is a leger, papers, a dead rat and a pouch
- Kneel gets into line to purchase the cure
- Seluri speaks with people coming out of the shop and learns that it is a cureall. 
- Vendra the herbalist is the owner of Lavender and sells the cure
- Onyx goes inside to explore and learn about the cure
- Seluri finds a shill in the crowd talking about the cure. 
- We learn the shop keeper lives in the apartments above the shop
- Seluri charms the guard and Kneel goes into the apartment
- Nothing useful found in the apartment
- We go back and Ashani confirms the cure is fake and potentially harmful
- With a warrant from Cressida we got to arrest her. 
- Kneel sings and fascinates her, 
- Seluri charms the guards and the woman
- We concince her through diplomacy to let us tie her up and take her money and magick. 
- We deposit her in jail and keep her stuff. 
- There are dead bodies and people that suddenly go missing in Old Korvosa to to the north. There are missing bodies out of the pile. 
- After questioning the North Guard and talking to Tiora we find a vampire next of 4 vampires. 
- We attack the vampires but we're unable to defeat them and went back to Cressida
- We get a writ from her to have the chruch of Pharasma deal with them
- We get the church to deal with them and go back to find the nest empty and a entrance to the sewers
- We find the key to a tomb and open it up to find a few magic items. 
- Game next satuday


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